Welcome to what I hope is only the beginning of a long, exciting journey. The tale I intend to tell is to be separated into three larger entries. A trilogy. When we first start off we meet a young man travelling alone through the deserts of America. As it turns out deserts are rather abundant in the year 2150. Some time ago—many scholars debate over the exact events and their precise spot in time—the world did itself in. After alternative fuel sources were discovered in the early part of the previous century countries and their leaders seemingly began making up reasons to go to war with one another. The ultimate cost was millions of lives and the downfall of what was referred to as “modern society”. In its place sprouted up colonies governed by the people which lead to issues of leadership and duty which itself caused a greater dispersing of those people who had survived the initial War of Wars, as it was titled. Now America lay in waste as nothing more than an endless highway for nomads and trail pirates. Those who have formed tiny civilzations rest warily on week social governments ran by those individuals who have maintained the most wealth.

 Book One: OLD CROW, YOUNG MAN opens with an—at present—nameless seventeen year old young man dragging two bodies wrapped in tarp behind him as he rides steadfast on horseback toward a small town called Vendor’s Mill. The townspeople sense trouble in the young man and shortly after discovering his strange cargo begin asking questions. As his answers only bring more questions the tension rises and set forth the series of events that kick off a tale of friendships, innocence lost, and questions of life love and sacrifice. 

So I invite you all to take this journey with me with new entries every Wednesday and Sunday as well as chances each week to send in your questions and have them answered. My goal is to make this as much your journey as it is mine. So I welcome you with great joy to THE DEAD STATES!

J.A. Ross 

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